Anyone has seen our Lotta ?

Lotta was last seen in the morning of 07.12.2016 in Schifflange. Usually she does not go for more than 2 hours in the garden and the neighbour´s garden . She is very curious and has probably lost herself in a basement or a garage and is now locked up, because she comes otherwise immediately when we call her.
She is a very shy, is 1,5 years old , has about 4 kg and it is registered at the ID chips. She is probably wearing a red collar with a phone number , but perhaps she has lost it .
Please check your garages and basements. We want to reward the person who brings us Lotta back with 200 euros. We miss her, her brother Fiete and her best friend dog Any miss her very much too.
We would be very grateful for any Information!
Perry , Kerstin , Any and Fiete

691661866 or 691870324

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